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Episode 4: Barbara Palmer – From Mrs. Satan to Madame Speaker: 150 Years of Ohio Women Running for Public Office

This episode’s guest is Barbara Palmer - a professor of political science at Baldwin Wallace University – and she is talking about the history of women running for public office both specifically in the state of Ohio and more generally. The interview was recorded on October 11th, 2019.

Episode 3: Not Far from Me- Stories of Opioids and Ohio

Join a conversation between Ohio Humanities Executive Director Pat Williamsen and Ohio University professors Daniel Skinner and Berkeley Franz as they discuss their new book Not Far from Me: Stories of Opioids and Ohio.

Episode 2: Stephanie Hinnershitz - Phyllis Schlafly and the Equal Rights Amendment

Stephanie Hinnershitz - professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at Cleveland State University - is the guest on this podcast, in which she discusses the history of the Equal Rights Amendment, including Phyllis Schlafly’s very effective campaign against its ratification during the 1970s.

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