More Human with Rebecca Brown Asmo

Inspired by Socrates’s famous dictum that “the unexamined life is not worth living,” More Human, the official podcast of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Humanities Center at Cuyahoga Community College, features conversations with scholars and students in the humanities. Each episode explores how engaging with literature, philosophy, history, and art enables us to live deeper, fuller, more authentically human lives.
On this episode of More Human, Dean Matt Jordan sits down with Ohio Humanities Executive Director Rebecca Brown Asmo to discuss the organization’s work to advance the humanities across the state, as well as the relevance of the humanities to career pathways and their significance for anyone who desires to live a life of consequence. She also shares Saeed Jones's poem "If You Had an Off Button, I’d Name You 'Off,'” from his anthology “Alive at the End of the World.”
And, later this year, join us for The Ohio Country, a forthcoming series from WYSO Public Radio and funded by Ohio Humanities.  Native men and women from different tribes and their allies—plus teachers, artists, scholars, parents, landowners, foresters, young people, and historians, too—will tell their stories about the about the lands above the Ohio River, known as the Ohio Country. You can listen in this feed, at,, and in all those other places where you get podcasts.
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