Amended Episode 1: Myths and Sentiments

Amended, a podcast from our friends at Humanities New York, asks how we tell the story of the (unfinished) struggle for women’s voting rights. Who gave us the dominant suffrage narrative? And who gets left out?
In this episode, Laura Free, a historian of women and politics, reflects on the suffrage story she learned as a child, one that centers a few white women. She speaks with historians Bettye Collier-Thomas and Lisa Tetrault about the work they’ve done to show there is much more to the story. Next, Laura travels to Seneca Falls, New York, site of the 1848 women’s rights convention, with historian Judith Wellman. Dr. Wellman describes a movement that was both complex and diverse, and helps us to see an old story in an entirely new light.
This episode serves as the prologue to the series, inviting listeners to amend their understanding of women’s suffrage history.
Listen to Amended in full on the HNY website or in the Humanities New York feed wherever you listen.

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